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Chiang Mai – Japan Friendship Art Exhibition


The day of departure
On the morning of Friday, June 22, 2018, about 30 members of WAC departed Japan from Haneda and Kansai airports for an exchange tour of “Chiang Mai – Japan Friendship Art Exhibition” in Thailand.
The exhibition was the first one held after the death of the former king, Rama IX, in 2016 and the accession to the throne of the new king, Rama X, with the one-year mourning period coming to an end.
The exhibition was held for deepening the friendship between the two nations further, and for celebrating the 780-year history which extends from the Sukhothai Dynasty to the Chakri Dynasty.
At the gathering before departing Haneda, Mr Nobutoshi Akao, Senior Advisor to WAC (General Incorporated Association World Art and Culture Exchange) which hosted and operated the event, gave a speech, and the group departed for Chiang Mai, Thailand.
The group arrived in Chiang Mai in the evening that day. The Japanese artists had the honour of being greeted by HRH Chao Pakinai Na Chiang Mai at Chiang Mai International Airport. They were delighted with such warm welcome.

Day 2 

On the morning of June 23, the following day, the group headed for Yuparat Junior and Senior School near the exhibition venue, by which they had been invited to give lessons on Japanese culture.
Japanese artists gave lessons on drawing and calligraphy, and the students must have had a meaningful experience.






Opening ceremony

In the evening of that day, the opening ceremony was held at Chiang Mai City Art and Culture Centre. The governor of Chiang Mai Province, the Deputy Mayor of Chiang Mai City, and the Japanese Consul-General attended the ceremony and each of them made a congratulatory address.
The Managing Director of WAC operating the exhibition gave an overview of the event, and Senior Adviser to WAC, Mr Nobutoshi Akao (former Japanese Ambassador to Thailand) and HRH Chao Pakinai Na Chiang Mai declared the opening of the exhibition, which was followed by tape cutting ceremony.
It was a ceremony full of highlights, including a tree planting ceremony to cement the friendship between Thailand and Japan and a welcome by Chiang Mai dance.

Artworks on exhibit

Altogether 197 pieces were exhibited, consisting of seven pieces by Chiang Mai artists and 190 by Japanese artists, of which 47 pieces were donated to the Chiang Mai Art and Culture Centre. The donated works are to be lent on a permanent basis to primary and middle schools to cultivate aesthetic sensibilities of students as well as to social welfare facilities.






Opening declaration

The Senior Adviser to WAC, Mr Akao said, “I hereby declare the opening of the Art Exhibition, with hope of building stronger and everlasting friendship between Chiang Mai and Japan.”
HRH Chao Pakinai also made a declaration in a similar vein in Thai.

















Period: June 23 (Sat.)-27 (Wed.), 2018

Venue: Chiang Mai City Art and Cultural Centre

  • 〒103-0027
    Sho Bld.8thF, 3-14-5 Nihonbashi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo,Japan Google Maps
  • TEL:03-3275-9801
  • FAX:03-3275-9803